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Plant trees and offset your carbon footprint for less than $2.30 per week.


Grow your own forest

Plant at least 12 real trees every month. Watch your forest grow and track it through geolocation.

Offset your emissions

Our forest conservation projects are certified and directly offsets your carbon footprint.

Set personal goals

Try our fun sustainability challenges and embark on the journey to low-carbon living!

Become climate positive today

Sprout makes it fun and easy to help reforest the planet and offset your carbon footprint through a monthly subscription.


Plant real trees and remove your carbon footprint for as little as $8.90 / month

Become climate positive today

Sprout makes it fun and easy to help reforest the planet and offset your carbon footprint through a monthly subscription.


The projects you are funding

We love being transparent with you

85% principle

85% of your money goes directly into planet-saving projects. The rest covers a budget to help us spread the word and develop the platform.

Trace your impact

 On your profile, you can see which projects you have supported, the id-number and location of the trees, and your certified cO2 offset.

3rd party audit

Sprout undergoes an annual audit by Deloitte to ensure fulfillment of our financial and non-financial governance.

Meet the Sprout community


 Amazing company with a great vision. The way they have “gamified” climate action is exactly what this space needs.


“I love Sprouts transparency: they show the tree planting and carbon offset certificates they buy, as well as regular project updates. They also make it easy and intuitive. Bravo!”


“It is so rewarding to know that I am planting trees every month, as well as offsetting tonnes of Co2.”

Working with the best in climate action

We answer your questions

How much of my money goes into climate projects?

We only support projects that are measurable, transparent, and verified by an external body. You can read more about our tree-planting and forest conservation approach here.

85 percent of your money goes directly to funding these planet saving projects. Included with project costs are any incurred transaction fees carried out on your behalf.

The remaining 15 percent rest covers a budget to help us spread the word and develop the platform.


Why did you start Sprout?

What inspired us to start Sprout is that there are billions of concerned people on this planet who care, but don’t know how to make a meaningful contribution. We made Sprout so that anyone can easily plant trees, protect rainforest, understand the effect of their carbon footprint and offset the emissions they cannot reduce. With more people living carbon neutral, we can make a huge impact on reversing climate change.

The underlying projects you’ll be supporting (e.g. reforestation and rainforest conservation are all ranked highly in terms of climate change solutions.

How is my carbon footprint calculated?


The average carbon footprint is different depending on the country you live in. There are lots of different factors that affect this but the main one is how energy is consumed, this accounts for 73% of worldwide emissions.

To calculate your footprint we work with the law of averages. We combine data from the World Bank which reports CO2 and other greenhouse emissions that occur in your country of residence, and we know that the average carbon footprint is around 10 tonnes of CO2 per year for the average European citizen and closer to 16 tonnes for the average US citizen.

It’s very likely your carbon footprint is way beyond the targets for limiting a climate catastrophe. Even if your food is plant-based, local and in season, there’s a mind boggling carbon cost for almost anything you spend your money on.

Is planting trees enough to offset my carbon footprint?

No. The trees you’re funding right now are years away from doing their thing.

Until they are several years old, your trees are not mature enough to sequester carbon in large quantities.

This is why in addition to planting trees, we also directly offset your carbon footprint through verified carbon projects that has an immediate effect on co2 levels in the atmosphere. You can read more about our approach here.

We only fund offset projects which meet the highest verification standards, such as Gold Standard or Verified Carbon Standard.

Why should I offset my carbon footprint?

Individuals and corporations around the world are recognizing the importance of reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. As a result, many of them are reducing their carbon footprints through energy efficiency and other measures. Quite often, however, it is not possible to eliminate their carbon footprint, at least in the near term, with internal reductions alone, and they need a flexible mechanism to achieve these aspirational goals. Enter the carbon markets.

By using the carbon markets, entities can neutralize, or offset, their emissions by retiring carbon credits generated by projects that are reducing GHG emissions elsewhere. Of course, it is critical to ensure, or verify, that the emission reductions generated by these projects are actually occurring. This is the work of the VCS Program – to ensure the credibility of emission reduction projects.

How can I be ensured of my impact?

We publish certificates each month of how many tonnes of CO2 (‘carbon credits’) have been prevented from going into the atmosphere or removed from it. The standards of these projects are certified at the highest level by Gold Standard.

In terms of trees planted, you can view the associated invoice receipts of purchases from our tree planting partner, Eden Projects.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at anytime. Just log into your member portal and click on the “account settings” button. You should see a button that allows you to cancel your subscription. If you have any issues please contact

How is Sprout registrated?

Sometimes, people say Sprout should be a nonprofit. They are right in that we must be driven by our mission, not profit. But if we were a nonprofit, we would have to rely on donations and grants as our only sources of funding. Neither case is ideal: Donations take a long time to snowball before they’re enough to support even a small team; Grants provide more funding from the beginning, but require locking into a narrow focus and constantly looking to find the next grant. Instead, we’ve chosen to reincorporate a Public Benefit Corporation. a legal entity that makes our mission legally binding but still allows for outside investment. This lets us massively scale our impact by bringing in funding at the same scale that any fast growing business would, while still allowing us to focus wholly on our mission.

We are otherwise operating like a non-profit: auditing financial information, subscriber data and impact data. Also, our margin of 15% is up there with the best charities.


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